Cheating is all around us. It's scary, of course, and you hope it never happens to you, but the reality is that it's real in some workplaces. I had a Q97.9 listener open up today about a concern she's been having within her relationship that has to do with her boyfriend's career. It was less about the career itself, and more about what goes on at the office.

She had asked me to keep her name anonymous, but wouldn't mind me sharing the story so that she could get other people's opinions on the matter. The term "work wife" or "work husband" is a term that continuously came up on the show this morning.

Mainers who called in with their input have collectively ranked bartenders/bar owners, healthcare workers, and construction workers as the top three professions they've experienced the most infidelity in.

I wanted to take it a step further and search the careers that the world as a whole ranks in the top 10 as being most likely to cheat on their partners. This is what I found.

According to,

Professions Most Likely to Cheat

  1. Sales - 14.5%
  2. Teacher, training, and education - 13.7%
  3. Healthcare - 12.5%
  4. Transport and logistics - 9.8%
  5. Hospitality and events management - 7.7%
  6. Engineering and manufacturing - 6.6%
  7. Property and construction - 5.5%
  8. Accountancy, banking and finance - 5.4%
  9. Information technology - 4.6%
  10. Armed Forces - 4%

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