'Jane' and her boyfriend went away for a few days and had a great time. They spent 4 nights in a hotel and when she went to tip housekeeping - that's when she learned something about her boyfriend.

He apparently is NOT a fan of tipping and took the 20 dollars she laid out and told her after! Here's 'Jane's' letter:

Okay Q Court. I'm P.O'd! My boyfriend of 6 years and I went away and stayed at a pretty decent hotel for 4 nights. I am a fan of tipping. I tip waiters and waitresses and hairdressers and even the mailman and such. I like tipping and think it's a nice thing to do for good service.

I also leave money when staying at a hotel for the maid! I mean they have a lousy job and have to clean up after people all day, it's the least I can do!

So I left a 20 (5 dollars a night) on the table and on the way home, my boyfriend says - 'Here's the 20 you left behind.' I almost had the plane make an emergency landing!

I told him that was for the maid and he said that it was dumb to tip someone for doing their job. We got into it pretty good and I told him that next time just let me tip if I want to! We went round and round and I damn near broke up with the lug head! Too bad I love him. But I want Q Court to decide! Do you leave a tip for the maid at a hotel? I say YES YOU DO!


I am glad I wasn't on that plane. Okay, Q Court jury. Let her have it.

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