So much for being named the “happiest state.” Though I guess that’s easy to do, when you have no shame.

This was a long time coming, from its awful traffic that made global news just this year, to its most famous elected official who was caught on tape starting his workday by bitching about hockey.

According to a new study conducted by the job-search website Zippia, the rudest state in the nation is…not Massachusetts???

Second place? What state could possibly out-rude the Massholes??

As it turns out…their next-door neighbor. Congratulations to Rhode Island, officially voted Rudest State in the nation (what’s they’re version of ‘Masshole’? ‘Rhode Ragers’? Providunces? ‘Pawf**ckets?’).

The study was conducted by measuring rude driving, as well as the average tips given at bars and restaurants. Then came how often each state uses profanity to the likes of customer service representatives (though I feel that any state that relies on Spectrum cable should get a pass).

Only Rhode Island and Massachusetts cracked the top ten from the region, with Connecticut next in line at 11.

All the way down at 37 is New Hampshire (take away the year-round fireworks, it probably ranks even lower). Maine ranked 40th at being rude (impressive, when your most famous clown eats children).

Vermont can be found all the way down at 47 (it may have placed 50th, were it not for Bernie Sanders’ shouting, which drowns out New Hampshire’s fireworks).

New York ranked 4th and New Jersey 7th. But when it comes to being rude, Sea Bass and his buddies have it all wrapped up.

If you're reading from a far-away galaxy, however, don't think Massachusetts has gone soft: another study has Massachusetts more than ready to fight off the little green guys in a possible alien invasion.

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