'Jane' is confused by a first date. He used a coupon at dinner. She's conflicted - is that financially smart or super cheap? Read her letter to the Q Morning Show...

Q Court Gavel

It's 'Jane'. So, had a really nice time with this guy that friends set me up with. He's cute enough and we seemed to have plenty to chat about for a first date.

But when the bill came for dinner, he paid (that was nice) but he put a two for one coupon with the bill.

He wasn't hiding it or bragging about it - it was just there. At first I thought it was tacky as hell. But then I started thinking, maybe he's just super smart and saving money? Needless to say, I wasn't sure what the heck to think!

So I thought I'd let Q Court settle this one for me! Should I be impressed or horrified?


Good question 'Jane' and a good one for you too! Take our poll and let's see what YOU think about 'cheap first date'...

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