Senator Susan Collins (R) + listeners + Q Morning Show + lobsters = one hell of a morning show!

I have to say...I was pretty nervous about having the Senator in for a lobster bake with the Q Morning Show and listeners. Ya know...what if something went wrong? Ugh.

But a couple of things made this such a fun morning. The listeners, Bill, John, Erica and Kelley were awesome. Easy going and fun.

The lobster bake was spectacular! Put on by DiMillo's on the Water - it couldn't have been better. The lobsters (hard shell) were really friggin' good!

And lastly - the Senator. I have known Republican Senator Susan Collins since she took office 20 years ago. 20 years! She has always been a gracious, fun and insightful guest. She's one of my favorites. Here is a clip of our 'corn off' and her serious answer about the republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

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