This is Tom Kawczynski. He's the town manager of Jackman, Maine. He thinks that races should be separated and he's completely against Islam and muslims.


There's so much here that broke late last week and the madness continues. Jackman is such a great town near the Canadian border. I've spent a week up there and loved every minute. It's a shame it's leader is this Tom guy. The Jackman-Moose River Region Chamber of Commerce is also shocked and posted on their Facebook page:

We, the Business community as well as the residents of Jackman have just learned of the views of our Town Manager. First, know that when interviewed, a person is NOT asked their religion, political preference, or views on race and nationality, for example, so this is just as shocking and offensive to us.
2nd, The Jackman Maine community do not share his views and call on the town selectman to do what is needed.


Tom has claimed he is going nowhere and is even crowd funding for his legal defense to keep his job and his right to free speech. There's actually a crowd funding website that has no restrictions on hate speech. That's what he is using.

According to the Press Herald,

On the New Albion website he wrote, “I believe in all people, living as they choose, in free determination. For the people of New England, our folk are white people of European ancestry and ideas, emphasizing the value of work, communing with nature and a society based upon order. While I am not an absolutist on race understanding, the many complications created by the American system, I do believe to the extent we voluntarily separate, the happier every group will be as they regain self-determination.”

He swears he's not racist. Oh and he's not a big fan of feminists either. Again thanks to the Press Herald:

“It’s no accident unattractive women make up the vast majority of feminists, ” he said on Gab this month. “Their issue is less with the roles men and women play, and more with resentment about the lack of attention they draw from men due to these attributes.”


Gary Hall, the president of the Jackman-Moose River Chamber of Commerce, put out a statement on Saturday:

“We the business community of Jackman, would like to state that we do not condone the current view of Tom Kawczynski. We believe in American values of freedom, diversity and inclusiveness. At this time, we are calling on our selectmen to take appropriate measures and protect our community for which so many have come to know and love. To ensure due process is followed, we ask for your patience as this issue is resolved.”


This is starting to make national news. The Washington Post wrote a story on Sunday. The Press Herald did an excellent story.

I understand freedom of speech. I respect that. But for someone to have a job as the leader of a town, to help that town attract business - to get tourists....oh no. He should be fired, and as soon as possible.




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