Jason Gordon and Travis Verrill posted a video about their confrontation with a man who had racist signs in his windows. They are now a viral sensation.


The Sun Journal interviewed both Travis and Jason about what happened when they went to talk to the man who had signs in his window that were so offensive, we can't say what they were. You can view the signs in their YouTube video. Travis Verrill told the Journal, 'You gotta stand up to make a change.'

If you often read books by their cover, Jason and Travis don't look like the usual anti-racism activists. But just like you'd be surprised at who IS racist, you'd be surprised at who isn't.

They found the man with the offensive signs on a park bench, and Jason dropped Travis off. He tried to tell him that Norway was no place for his hatred and that the signs had to come down.

The old man wasn't changing his mind.

They walked and walked until they reached the man's house. Both Jason and Travis said they weren't leaving without those signs. The old man said he would just put new ones up, and finally gave in and handed them his offensive signs.

Once they had the signs, they decided to make a video about the encounter. In less than 5 days, the video was viewed over 2 million times.

Please be aware that Travis is very passionate and uses some spicy, very spicy language.



Most responses have been super positive, but a few have not. Some were even threatening. But the overall takeaway for Travis and Jason, is that with so many people responding, maybe change doesn't have to be that hard.

Travis said that if he knew the video was going to go viral, he probably would have used better language. It's okay...it just shows how upset you were, and makes us like you even more.

As of Friday night, the signs had not been replaced.

Since this has taken off, Jason and Travis have put together a fundraiser to grab your own # merch. And again, be aware...this isn't appropriate for everyone.



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