That's not a title I ever thought I'd type out. Hell, it's not a title I ever wanted to type out.

But after what recently came out in a report from Forbes that straight up calls Maine out -- how do I not say that? Because Forbes proved it to be true.

Gabe Pierce / Heshan Perera / Michael Fortsch
Gabe Pierce / Heshan Perera / Michael Fortsch

Maine is Full of Selfish Idiots

First, let me explain what I consider a selfish idiot. A selfish idiot is someone who literally has zero care or compassion for anyone but themselves. Specifically while driving carelessly on any and all Maine roads.

More specifically - while driving carelessly on any and all Maine roads after leaving a bar, restaurant, or even their home after downing a ton of booze.

Forbes List of Worst States for Drunk Driving

Since we're fully into the holiday season -- no matter what you celebrate, it's here -- Forbes decided to drop their list of Worst States for Drunk Driving recently. Any guesses as to where Maine ranked?




Are you sitting there thinking, "Oh, well, it's New England so that's probably just what happens. Going out is what we do. Massachusetts definitely must've been worse."

News flash - according to the Forbes list, Massachusetts was actually ranked the best at not driving drunk, ranked #46.

Rhode Island, Vermont, and New Hampshire were all ranked #30, #36, and #37, respectively. And who cares about Connecticut (although they're almost as dumb as we are, but we're still dumber and more selfish.)

Brian Lundquist
Brian Lundquist

So how exactly did Maine rank #8 and the most selfish and dumb in New England? The simple fact that according to the Forbes list, for every 100,000 licensed drivers, almost 500 have been nailed with a DUI, and 39% of traffic deaths in Maine in 2020 were from drunk driving.

Read that again. Over 1/3 of all traffic deaths in Maine a couple of years ago were because of drunk driving.

I love Maine, whether this article makes it seem like it or not. I love how unique and proud Mainers are.

But holy hell can we stop being absolute morons and be smarter? Can we start being less selfish and wait until we're safely at home and not going anywhere (or call an Uber/Lyft or have a sober driver) before getting tuned up from booze?

Because eventually your buzz and hangover will go away, but you know what doesn't? Killing someone because you decided to turn up and then get behind the wheel.

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