Time to jump in the WAY BACK time machine for this one. Let's talk turnpike.

How about this great nostalgia? What an amazing photograph shared by the Maine Turnpike Authority. The image shows the old sign for the exit that is now known as Exit 45. However, for all you youngsters who didn't know, the South Portland exit used to be known as Exit 7.

Those of you over the age of 30 probably remember the GIGANTIC turnpike ticket you would get from the toll worker. This ticket would have a listing of every exit, and what they cost on it. It was also numbered from Exit 1 (York) to whatever the last one up north was. It was a very simple and easy procedure (I even remember the Burger King advertisement on the back of the ticket).

However, as times changed, so too did the exit number system. Gone was the very simple numbering system. Instead, it's now based off of mile markers of I-95. While I am not opposed to this, it's just not as fun to say. I mean, I still call the Portland Brighton Avenue, Exit 8, and probably always will.

And while we're at it, wouldn't it be nice to have one day driving on the turnpike without construction? Is that too much to ask? Is it an unwritten rule to always have some sort of project going on?

As annoying as it can be, it's also important to stay alert out there, folks. Those crews work hard and deserve our full attention and safe driving.

Thanks to the MTA for posting this image. It's always fun to go back in time and reminisce.

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