Rihanna was all anyone was talking about to kick off 2023 after it was announced that she would be performing at the halftime show of the Super Bowl in February.

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Rihanna Performed Pregnant

Following her Super Bowl Halftime Show performance, she was still all anyone talked about, as she revealed (without actually saying it in words) that she's pregnant with her second child.

And crushed her Halftime Show performance while pregnant.

But before pregnancy, she did some day drinking with a beloved New Hampshire native.

Late Night with Seth Meyers via YouTube
Late Night with Seth Meyers via YouTube

Late Night With Seth Meyers

According to the NBC website, Seth Meyers -- whom New Hampshire Magazine called "NH's own" -- has been in the host seat of Late Night with Seth Meyers since 2014, entertaining viewers with quick wit, humor, and special segments.

And one of those special segments happens to be an activity that a lot of people say is something they love doing, especially during the warmer months of the year in New England.

Day drinking.

Over the years, Seth Meyers has gone day drinking with multiple celebrities. His former Saturday Night Live castmate Will Forte, Lizzo -- hell, he even went day drinking with his mother Hilary, according to Collider.

But who did he go day drinking with where he was the absolute drunkest he's ever been?

Yup, Rihanna.

Seth Meyers and James Corden

During a recent appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden, James asked Seth about his day drinking segment. He mentioned that after filming the segment with Rihanna, she left filming and "went out," while he went home and had his head laid on a pillow by his wife.

And to think, the whole Day Drinking with Rihanna segment started out with Seth crushing a shot and downing a pint of beer, leaving Rihanna looking nervous and apprehensive about the whole thing.

Like her lingerie brand says -- savage.

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