2 different RSU 4 buses were hit by cars within minutes of each other Monday - and one student was on both buses!

According to the Sun Journal, the first bus on Bowdoinham Road was hit by an alleged drunk driver and the second bus was a hit-and-run.

Sabattus Police Dept
Sabattus Police Dept

A 12-year-old student complained of pain after the first crash and was examined by paramedics at the scene, the newspaper reported, but there were no other injuries.

Then students had to be dispersed among other school buses, and one of those buses was then hit later!

The Sun Journal stated that a driver coming at the bus crossed the centerline, swiped the side of the bus and took out its side mirror and then kept going!

It was scary for everyone, especially the one student who was on BOTH buses that were hit!

The driver of the first bus was hit by 29-year-old Jami Lee Driscoll, who was charged with operating under the influence, according to the newspaper.

It's amazing that there were no serious injuries and kudos to the bus drivers who were quick in their reaction to get the kids home safe!

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