Right off the bat, the reason that the headline starts off with the word "rumor" is the fact that there's a chance this isn't a hot take, but instead hot garbage. That said, it is a rumor and this is Patriots Nation, so it's something to keep an eye on.

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Mac Jones Trade Rumors

According to a Tweet made last night from a man named Simon Charles (whose Twitter bio reads "Esteemed sports journalist & Patriots Beat Writer Double PHD in Journalism & Female Anatomy"), Mac Jones has requested a trade.

In his Tweet, Simon mentions that sources tell him Mac is "'very frustrated' with the coaching staff and doesn't feel any support from the fan base," referencing that the crowd has booed him off of the field and changed for backup quarterback Bailey Zappe all season.

False Rumors About Mac Jones?

But here's the thing, and the exact reason why I started off saying this could be hot garbage instead of a hot take. First off, when you Google search "Mac Jones requests trade," all that pops up are headlines from sources like Sports Illustrated and USA Today with articles about whether or not Mac should request a trade or if the Pats should shop Mac -- nothing concrete that Mac has asked for one.

Secondly, you have to consider the source. Because if this Simon dude needs to call himself an "esteemed sports journalist" in his bio -- are you really, Simon? And don't even get me started on his "PHD in Female Anatomy."

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So odds are, these rumors are total garbage and everything is fine. Because this dude Simon also "reported" a couple of days ago that the Patriots fired Matt Patricia as the Offensive Coordinator.

But it is something being talked about throughout Patriots Nation right now, both off Simon's Mac Jones Tweet and also the continued Mac Jones/Bailey Zappe debate that's gone on since Zappe filled in for Mac earlier this season.

So, I guess for now, stay tuned. Because business could be about to pick up...

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