What was initially a great story of a community coming together to help save a horse has had what seems to be a sad ending?

A neighbor with his tractor and four members of Liberty's fire department worked to get 'Marla the Horse' to safety on Sunday, according to the Village Soup.

We do not precisely know HOW or WHY Marla ended up getting loose from her accommodations and casually strolling around town. Still, it seems the "Houdini," the article reported, wound up on the icy stream.

Bill Gillespie, the Liberty fire chief, used what's called an ice rescue suit to get into the water and pull the old horse to shore. At the same time, other members of his crew wrapped her in blankets to keep her from being overtaken by hypothermia, the news article stated.

According to the town animal control officer, Marla was in the water for 90 minutes as she also went on to say, "I am very thankful, we live in a small community where we can call each other," the Village Soup reported.

But later on Monday, Marla's owner responded to the fire department's inquiry about the horse's well being. And sadly, while her owner was thankful for everyone's help saving her horse, it seems that things took a turn for the worse, and Marla is struggling and most likely does not have long to live.

Our thoughts go out to Marla and her owner.

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