The last time we talked about food, I briefed you on Evo in the Old Port, and how great the duck legs were, mmmmm, yes!

My food tour continues through the city as this week, I have to rave about Bao Bao.

It's the restaurant on Spring Street in Portland that specializes in the most exquisite Asian dumplings, which has already become one of my favorite eateries in this city.

It reminded me of all of the Asian restaurants I would frequent when I lived in Seattle, with the authentic herbs and spices.

My favorites so far are the Pork and Scallion dumplings smothered in oyster oil, and when you bite into them, all of the juices marinate in your mouth. It's like a party of flavor, and you are the only one invited, (rubs tummy and licks lips) mucho gusto!

My second favorite dish here is Bulgogi Beef, which comes with a yellow sauce (not to be confused with mustard) that adds a bit of tangy flavor.

The restaurant has a tiny Tardis-like storefront that is deceivingly large on the inside that still has room for a full bar.

On Sundays, they have Dim Sum style meals, which are traditional Asian dishes, both hot and cold served in a tapa like a package.

Whenever people ask where to eat, I always recommend Bao Bao as it is a great dining experience for a reasonable price.

What spot should I try next?

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