Saddleback has been closed for five years - but they are going to reopen!

According to the Portland Press Herald, the Berry family, which has owned Saddleback since 2003, said that they have finally reached an agreement with Arctaris Impact Fund - a Boston investment fund. These two have been trying settle on the sale of the property since 2018, when Arctaris said they wanted to buy it.

It will be great to have Saddleback... well, back.

It's Maine's third largest ski resort, and at one point was Rangeley’s largest employer and a huge tourist attraction.

We've heard that Saddleback's new owner Arctaris invests in areas like inner cities and rural areas where the economy isn't doing well and jobs are needed.

But we don't have any idea of when they might reopen the ski resort. The sooner the better.

This resort has been sorely missed and Rangley really needs this too. It's been too long.


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