Pepsi has been experimenting with some different flavors lately. You might remember Pepsi Fire, a cinnamon flavored version of the drink released back in June. Now they've gone with a flavor that may pique your curiosity. Salted caramel Pepsi.

I saw it at the convenience store I stop at as part of my morning routine and grabbed a couple bottles, because hey, 2 for $3.

As I walked up to the cashier I plunked them down and said "I've gotta try this." She said she had already tried it and that it tastes like "it should be mixed with alcohol." I was on board with that since Pepsi Fire tasted like Fireball without the alcohol.

My first sip it tasted just like regular Pepsi, but then it hits all in the aftertaste. A very strong salted caramel flavor. It was almost a little overwhelming but just what you'd expect. Very sweet and very salty.

I liked it, but it almost felt like I was drinking a dessert, but surprisingly it has less calories that regular Pepsi. 170 calories for a 20 ounce bottle of Salted Caramel Pepsi versus 250 calories versus regular Pepsi.

It's only for available for a limited time though, so if you want to try it you need to grab yourself a bottle soon.

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