Sarah, from Westbrook, was diagnosed with breast cancer at the ripe old age of 33. She just had a double mastectomy and has an unusual connection to Cans for a Cure...


Back in early September, Sarah reached out the Q Morning Show with an incredible story. In February she went in for a regular check up (she almost skipped) to find out she had invasive breast cancer. She had just completed 5 months of chemotherapy when she wrote to us.




After her first chemo treatment she ran the Beach to Beacon!




Then on September 19th, she had a double mastectomy..


But she wrote to us for a specific reason:

I am writing to you because when I left the doctors office after having my mammogram and ultrasound in march, I got in my car, and the very first thing that came on the radio was an ad for cans for a Cure. This kind of caught my attention because October was so far away and I thought it was strange that there were ads on the air already and that this was the first thing I heard after being told they need to biopsy my suspicious lump to see if it is indeed cancer. This has stuck in my mind... maybe a sign of sorts. But when I heard the ad I just had a sinking feeling that cans for a Cure was going to end up meaning more to me this year then it has in past years.
I was curious if there was any way I could help? Come down and share my story with listeners, or sing songs to keep you entertained?? Haha. I will be a few weeks out of surgery so I won't be able to do much physical work (lifting, carrying etc...) but I just wanted to offer my story if it would be helpful.
I extended an invitation to Sarah to of course, please come visit! We wouldn't make her do a thing...just come and be with us. I find her story so incredibly inspirational...