Mother Nature has done an incredible job throwing our seasonal systems out of whack recently. Last Saturday, almost all of Maine enjoyed temperatures in the 60's and 70's. In 2020, most of Maine was under 4-8 inches of snow. What a difference a year can make. But the high volume of sun and comfortable temps have tricked our minds into believing that we're in May and not in April. Because in April, Maine has historically seen plenty of snow. And there's a chance it happens again this weekend.

Shared on Twitter by Robert LaRoche, the forecast models are aligning to promise a pocket of perfect atmospheric conditions to see a taste of winter from Friday into Saturday. Whether your town sees snow or not, Friday is going to feel like a time warp, with most of Maine struggling to reach even the high 30's. The storm system that will pass through the state on Friday into Saturday isn't a powerful one but could still manage to blanket many parts of the state with a few inches of snow.

If you're rolling your eyes and cursing the sky, you won't have to be for long. This winter time capsule won't stick around for long. In fact, by late Saturday afternoon, temperatures could be back into the 50's and the sun could be shining again across the southern portion of the state. If you've put the shovels, hats and mittens into storage, there's a good chance you can just leave them there and let the ball of fire melt this annoyance.

Spring in Maine. It's never boring.

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