The Scarborough Police Department has named its newest staff member. An adorable puppy named Marlea (pronounced Marley) Grace starts her new job as a community comfort dog on Monday, November 4th, according to the Scarborough Police Department's Facebook page. When the Scarborough police chief asked for the public's help choosing a name for the poodle and St. Bernard mix back in October, he says he received well over 1,400 suggestions. After a select committee combed through all of the entries and narrowed the names down to their "top picks," the chief was given the list to make the final decision. According to the Facebook post below, he decided on "Marley," because:

…it reminded me of a movie named Marley And Me which chronicled the crazy life of a young family and how much comfort their dog had provided in difficult times. That name spoke to me.

The spelling of "Marley" was changed to "Marlea" to honor two women who helped to procure the puppy for the police department.

Marlea Grace is already getting lots of gifts from the community, welcoming her to the department, where she will live and provide comfort and support to first responders.

Here are some more pictures:

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