Police say, be aware this this big ol' moose appears to be on vacation and around the Scarborough and South Portland area.


The South Portland Police update their Facebook page saying that you need to slow down around the Highland Avenue area. The moose was in the South Portland Public Works Facility.



Officer Purinton took this picture. The good news is that the moose doesn't seem to be aggressive and sorta just chilling. HOWEVER, he did not enjoy when approached by dogs and people (I know a lot of people like that too!) So if you see this beautiful moose, please make sure to get your dog and give him lots of room. Give all wildlife lots of room.

I know that's hard sometimes, because we just want to be close to nature...but they truly don't understand and it only freaks them out and that's when things can get ugly.

Police also reminded people that moose are very hard to see at night, and it usually doesn't end well for either party if you hit one with your car.



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