Have you heard that the Maine Whoopie Pies kick out the Sea Dogs for one game on the first day of summer?


Well, that day got even better with a whoopie pie eating contest before the Sea Dogs uh, Maine Whoopie Pies take on the Reading Fighting Phils.

But...it's just for the media. You can watch, but you can't eat. You can root on your favorite media star (besides Lori Voornas...she has a wedding to go to and you know she'd win!).

And it's just not any ol' whoopie pie, it's THE whoopie pie - Wicked Whoopie Pie. It all happens on Friday, June 21st!





The eating contest will happen before the game from 530p - 630p and the game will start at 7pm. So grab a ticket to the game and get there early! There will be plenty of whoopie pies to eat and the boys will be in special jerseys for the night. There will also be Maine Whoopie Pie gear to buy and the first 1,000 people through the door get a whoopie pie cushion! Get it? That's funny!



If you are a baseball fan AND a whoopie pie fan, the first day of summer on June 21st just got a whole lot sweeter! Goooooooo Whoopie Pies!