Hadlock Field is home to our beloved Sea Dogs, but for a few games during the season, they become an entirely new team.

The Sea Dogs’ one-game rebrands will return for the upcoming 2022 baseball season. According to the MILB website, the dogs will transform into the Maine Whoopie Pies on Friday, June 10 to celebrate Maine’s specialty dessert. The team will ditch their usual uniform and rock jerseys and hats that represent the Maine Whoopie Pies Logo.

To commemorate the most important month of the year, National Hot Dog Month, and to celebrate the Fourth of July weekend, the Sea Dogs will rebrand themselves as the Maine Red Snappers for their game on July 1.

Mainers have been snappin’ down on red dogs for more than 100 years and our state’s infamous baseball team will represent this well with red snappah-themed uniforms and hot dog-themed promotions.

There will also be another rebranding game with an entirely new identity for the team that will be revealed later on. Tickets go on sale Saturday, Nov. 13, at 9 a.m. at the Hadlock Field ticket office and will be available through the phone and online at noon.

So you might be thinking to yourself, why would I go to Hadlock Field when I can just avoid human interaction, sit in bed, and order my tickets online? Because you’re going to want to be one of the first 100 people to purchase a ticket tomorrow. If you are, you will get a complimentary Maine Meal featuring a Maine Red Snapper, a whoopie pie from Wicked Whoopies! and, you guessed it, a Moxie to wet the whistle.

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