Ever just crave a soft pretzel? Like the really big kind that has that salty perfection?

Well, there's a new soft pretzel spot opening up in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire.

It's called Seacoast Pretzel Company, but you may have heard of them. They happen to have a wholesale bakery located in Rollinsford, New Hampshire, and they've got a food truck to fulfill all your pretzel cravings.

The Wolfeboro spot will be the first retail location, according to a Seacoast Pretzel Company Facebook post.

Not only that, but the pretzel spot also happens to serve hand-squeezed fresh lemonade as well. And that comes in a variety of flavors, if you want something more than just the classic.

Seacoast Pretzel Company via Facebook
Seacoast Pretzel Company via Facebook

As for when you can actually visit the spot?

Well, Seacoast Pretzel Company stated in another Facebook post that there is a soft opening on April 21-23 and a grand opening on May 25.

On Trip Advisor, Portland, Maine, highlights breweries and restaurants to get your pretzel fix, but a place that focuses just on pretzels? Seems to be few and far between.

And there seem to be some near Portsmouth, New Hampshire, according to Yelp, including the likes of The Hop Knot, Wetzel's Pretzels, and even Seacoast Pretzel Company.

Sure, you can probably name some others close to you as well.

But if you're a big pretzel fan, this might be a new place for you to check out. And if you think it's too far away, maybe it's worth the road trip. How far would you go for something delicious?

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