Washington Post contributor Alicia Jessop was just about to enjoy a Maine lobster roll, when she was introduced to Maine's most annoying resident.


According to NewsCenter Maine, she was going to snap THE perfect Maine vacation photo:, sun, lobster roll and a light house! Then this happened:


That damn bird took a 21 dollar lobster roll right out of her hand! Welcome to Maine. She went BACK to Fox's Lobster House in York and got herself another 21 dollar lobster roll. Only, like a PIN number, she protected this one and didn't go for the artistic photo!

You couldn't capture a picture like that if you tried. Wait, what am I saying...of course you could! Just grab a lobster roll, hold it out in front of you and wait for those giant moochers to come swarming!

Enjoy your time in Maine...and remember, seagulls get the fries, not the lobster.



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