Remember Eliot Cutler, who ran for governor in Maine twice? Well, he's downsizing and this 15,000 foot mansion was a bargain at 7.6 million dollars.

The Sun Journal reported that Eliot Cutler is downsizing and sold his giant mansion in Cape Elizabeth for less than the asking price at 7.6 million dollars. The asking price was 11 million last April.

Even with a price cut, it was the most expensive single-family home every sold in Cumberland County since Maine Listings started keeping track in 1996, the newspaper stated, and it was the seventh-highest home sale price ever recorded in Maine.

What do you get for 7.6 million dollars?

Jonathan Bush Jr., nephew of one former president and cousin of another, got a private beach, heated pool, tennis court, wine cellar and a 4 bedroom guest house, according to the Sun Journal.

Not too shabby. Take a peak inside!

Peak Inside The Most Expensive Home Ever Sold in Cumberland County


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