Who knew a vegetable can help with keeping our roads safe during extreme cold and ice?

According to inverse.com, beet juice has been being used to help fight ice on the roads for a few years now. Cities in Canada and in the northern US wanted to find a more eco-friendly way to combat ice because salt is destroying their environments. Also, you know that salt eats away at your car and the roads over time. Inverse.com says quote:

But sodium chloride isn’t the only molecule that can disrupt a water crystal. The sugar molecules from the beet juice have a similar effect, which means that if beet sugar is added to the 20 percent salt solution and sprayed on ice, the melting point of the ice will be even lower than 15 degrees F. What most Canadian cities have tried is mixing together sugar beet molasses, a waste byproduct of beet sugar refining, together with existing salt solutions in order to cut down on the concentration of salt needed to produce the same ice-melting effects. The stickiness of the molasses additionally helps bond the salt to the surface of the road, where it can maximize its effects.

So, what do you think? Should Maine and New Hampshire adopt this method to de-ice our streets and roads? Check out how it works!

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