Oh boy. Big controversy for the Miss 4th of July pageant in Winslow! The wrong girl was crowned and when organizers tried to fix the mistake, they ran into a big problem. 

17-year-old Molly Lybrook from Fairfield was crowned Miss Fourth of July in Winslow on Saturday.


She was super excited until she was called Sunday and told that there was a mistake in the calculations and the actual winner was 14-year-old Caitlin Grenier from Winslow.


The pageant organizers, in order to keep peace, came up with the idea of sharing the crown and title. Molly wants nothing to do with that saying, 'I won fair and square, and if it truly was a mistake, then I'm sorry, but that's something the person who made the mistake has to pay for, not me - the winner.'

Right now, she is meeting with organizers, but has not wavered in her stance of NOT giving up the crown. In fact, she has a petition that almost 350 people have signed for her to KEEP her crown.

Caitlin and her mom have agreed to share the crown, but had no comment since the controversy.

We spoke to Molly on the morning show Wednesday morning. She was steadfast and did not want to slander, but she made it quite clear that she believes the voting was rigged!

Would you sign the petition?