Luis's Arepera & Grill, now located on Forest Avenue, is a small, no-frills, and affordable eatery serving up authentic Venezuelan cuisine. The location is slightly of the beaten Portland foodie path, but the five star reviews radiating from the restaurant's Yelp profile can't be ignored. If your daily lunch routine needs a change, dive into the Venezuelan arepas and fried yucca at Luis's Arepera & Grill in Portland.

What's an arepa? It's a flat, round really dense dough made of ground maize that's lightly fried and filled to overflowing with amazing ingredients. It tastes like nothing you've had before, and once you've had one you'll absolutely want another.

- Review, Steff D.

This local family run restaurant is guaranteed to please. Everything on the menu is delicious! My go to is the pabellon criollo with a side of rice and beans. The meat is very tender, juicy and succulent. The plantains are wonderful and add an extra depth of flavor. Everything goes together so well. The rice is cooked to perfection as are the beans. Combined, they're the perfect comfort food. Every dish is bursting with authentic Venezuelan flavors.

- Review, Shakira D. 

I'm a Venezuelan food novice, but I was greeted warmly by the owner who couldn't have been more personable. I expressed my openness to trying whatever his best seller was...he whipped up a delicious Arepa and some fried yucca that were outstanding. It's an obvious family affair at the little spot and you can feel the love. Big fan of this place!

- Review, Anton A.

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