If you tried to shop at the Family Dollar store in Corinth Friday, well..it was closed for a few hours with a sign on the door that said 'We Quit!'

According to the Bangor Daily News, the bright pink sign said 'We Quit! Bad Company to Work For'. There was also a phone number and a note written on it: 'feel free to call.' It was the cell phone number of the district manager, Albert Dowling.

BDN did call Albert but he had no comment on what happened, but did say that the store was closed for 3 hours Friday. He also said the person who put the sign up no longer works for the company. We already know that Albert...they quit.

Google Maps
Google Maps

The Facebook post with a picture of the sign was posted by Jonny Palmer from East Corinth. He was good friends with the two women who quit on Friday. One of the women Hannah Mallett told the Bangor Daily News,

The company really was completely unfair with everything they did. The manager left so we were down to four employees.

Staff the next day didn't comment.

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