It was pretty heartbreaking to us Mainers to learn that Funtown Splashtown USA would not be opening this season due to the coronavirus.

Here in New England, we have mere months to enjoy the warm outdoors and amusement parks and it's a must for so many each year. Thankfully, it looks like we have a solid option just a few hours away.

Six Flags New England announced that they do plan to reopen for summer 2020. They will, however, be rolling out new protocols to ensure the health and safety of guests.

According to Mass Live, the park will essentially be taking reservations to ensure the park isn't crowded and allows for safe social distancing.

Mayor Bill Sapelli of Agawam, where the park is located, said that the park brings a lot of business and revenue to the community as well as providing many jobs according to Western Mass News. He noted that he believes the town is very excited for the park to reopen.

I'm sure the park reopening will bring a sense of normalcy to many.

More details on the rollout are yet to come as they work with the local and state governments to determine when it's safe.

Personally, I think this is fantastic! I'll be curious to see how the pieces fall together and will definitely consider making my own reservation with a mask and hand sanitizer in tow. How do you feel about the idea of visiting an amusement park this summer? Let us know via the app!

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