This appears to be a grown man who should definitely know better.

I remember having my first apartment back in the '80s and thinking it was cool to have street signs as decorations! It was the '80s, and I was an idiot. But I've never thought of stealing a stop sign as a full-grown adult. But this dude did, and was caught on camera. Now the Skowhegan police department would like your help. They were pretty clever in their Facebook post.

Police Chief David Bucknam decided to be a little honest in the Facebook post, saying that he's shaking his head after reviewing this video,

Just when you think you have seen it all, something new and extraordinary comes along that beats out the competition. Please watch the attached video. We are looking for assistance on identifying this grown man looking to upgrade his bedroom with a street sign. If you happen to know this spontaneous individual or recognize the truck and trailer, or even have witnessed this person proudly displaying it on his living room wall, please give us a call at the Police Department. Shaking my head…shaking my head.

It is a dead giveaway if you happen to see a new stop sign either in your neighborhood or in your neighbor's yard. Pretty bold move for broad daylight. This wasn't an accidental stealing either. The guy had a trailer and knew exactly where the sign was knocked down.

Let's help poor Chief Bucknam stop shaking his head and help him out on this one. I'm sure they just want their sign back.

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