On May 1st, the states of Georgia, Colorado, and Tennessee are expected to open some businesses as America goes back to work. This comes after massive protests countrywide from people who have been affected negatively due to loss of income. 

According to Coloradan, a Denver Newspaper, these steps to reopen are coming with the caution of random virus testing to make sure things are under control and safe. 

In Tennessee, businesses like restaurants and retail will be open and allowed to be only at fifty percent capacity so they can observe social distancing guidelines. 

"We expect businesses to accept the "pledge," so we don't have to make a mandate. The pledge allows guidelines for workers and consumers. We feel confident in the community's response, it's going to be enforced by the businesses themselves and the consumers... It's up to Tennesseans to see it through." Governor Lee told Channel 4 News in Nashville on Friday. 

So with that being said, what steps do you think Maine should take to reopen?

What would you like to happen first?

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