How Do You Know What a State Sounds Like?

Musician and TikToker @lukespine has gained thousands of followers and millions of likes for figuring out what different contries, words, astrological signs, and states sound like on piano.

For this unique undertaking, he uses a computer program called FL Studio. What he does is takes a keyboard layout and "draws" whatever country, word, astrological sign, or state he's working on with the notes.

Still confused? Imagine a keyboard laying in front of you with the keyboard on your left and the keys facing right. Now imagine the outline of Maine lying in the middle. Add a grid from the keys and whatever keys the outline matches with is the note that plays.

So, What Does Maine Sound Like?

Still confused? Listen for yourself. Personally, I think Maine sounds rather pleasant. Kind of like what News Center Maine might play after some Memoriam segment.

But wait, that's not all.

What Does New Hampshire Sound Like?

With New Hampshire's unique shape this sounds like the beginning of an act to an old-timey play:

Ok, Ok, How About Massachusetts?

With two perpendicular fairly straight lines the Massachusetts tune starts off a bit slow but ends quite beautifully.

How About the United States as a Whole?

@lukespine covered that as well! He included all 50 states starting with Hawaii and Alaska and then going into the lower 48. It's actually quite pretty. We have the National Anthem and America the Beautiful, why not add this one too? I especially enjoy the ending with all of us tiny New England States

He took the notes down a notch for Halloween of last year. Check out the spooky version of the United States.

Bonus State

And because I just can't help myself, I give you, Rhode Island.

If you're easily entertained be sure to follow @lukespine on TikTok here. He's also done some names so you can hear what you sound like!

Which one was your favorite? Let us know via the app. Just click on chat!

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