If you live or work in Portland, you've probably seen your fair share of odd and bizarre things on the streets. Here's one seen around the city on Friday that was visiting from North Carolina and man did they have a bargain for you.

Selling stuff out of an old conversion van on the street immediately sounds sketchy at best, but when you see what is being sold, it just becomes weird.

Joke Van

25 cent jokes. That does seem like quite a deal, but when you look closer at the sign, it's an ever sweeter deal if you buy in bulk.

Joke Van Sign

So basically, if you buy four jokes, your fifth one is free. Great deal, but it makes us wonder what kind of quality jokes we're getting for our hard earned quarter. Since the van is all closed up, maybe they're knock knock jokes that start when you rap on the door with a knuckle for your purchase? Is it shoplifting if you hear the joke first and then bolt without leaving a quarter?

So many questions. Anyone have answers?

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