This week, I was tasked with the mission of shuttling four lucky kids to to school in the Q van.

Day 1, I showed up on Gianna's doorstep with an armful of swag and a stomach full of nerves. I don't know how she was maintaining composure so well, but I was a complete mess!

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Gianna's whole fam was there to send us off - Mom, Dad, her little brothers, even her grandma and grandpa who live next door!

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After tossing some Q swag at her, Gianna and I piled in the van to grab some Dunkin and head off to school.

She got a butternut donut, I got a large coffee I didn't need given my hyper nervous energy (but I couldn't pass up that Sip Peel Win!) and we drove to HMS Middle School. Gianna steeled her nerves, and with a high five she headed off to her first day of sixth grade.

Way to go, Gianna! Here's to new friends, new adventures, and learning a lot!