back to school

Aroma Joes’ Back To School
If one organization is definitely big on schools and celebrating its Aroma Joes now last spring, we did a class of 2020 giveaway with Aroma Joes where each class of 2020 graduate got a free 24-ounce Aroma Joes beverage.
Share Your Back To School Pics
Today was the first day of school for a lot of your kids and even grand kids. So what did the first day look like for you? Share your first day photo with us, I would love to see what your child wore on the first day. Here's what I wore the first day of Kindergarden. What was my Mother thinking…
Back to School Parody
Remember the viral video from the Holderness Family back in December called '#Xmas Jammies' a parody of Will Smith's 'Miami?' Well they're back....and back to school with 'Baby Got Class.'
What's Hot for School?
Was just in Target and all the patio furniture was replaced with "back to school" notebooks, pens, paper and back packs. Is it that time already? August is here and so is the rush to get all the supplies you need for the fresh new year. Before the kids catch that first bus, here ar…