The best part of working in Monument Square here in Portland is the endless options for lunch. This is actually a blessing and a curse because even when I pack my own lunch to act in a budget-friendly manner, I still find myself itching to go into one of the many local eateries within walking distance.

This is also highly convenient for students in the area, too. But, the problem for students is that for the most part, you’re kinda broke when you’re in high school.

One of my favorite spots in this area is welcoming local students back to the school year with killer lunch deals during the week so they can get a taste of Portland without breaking the bank.

Portland Public Market House Lunch Deals

First off, for those of you who may not be familiar, the Public Market House is a spot in Monument Square that has multiple food vendors inside. It has two floors, so don’t just stop when you walk in!

This is a great place to go with a group of friends who want different things for lunch but still want to eat together. You can hit multiple spots within one building. The market is home to Daily Greens, Kamasouptra, Mr. Tuna, Pho Huong, Yardie Ting, and The Frying Dutchman.

That’s the other thing… You may have a better chance of asking mom for money for lunch since they have so many healthy options.

I went in today for chicken fried rice from Pho Huong and was shocked at what good deals some of the spots are having for students.

Townsquare Media

At The Frying Dutchman, they have lunch deals for only $5.

Townsquare Media

And at Pho Huong, where the servings are insanely generous, they give out meals to students for only $6 with many options to choose from.

It almost makes me wish I was still a student… almost.

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