This year has been a constant battle for me with with animals. First it was mice overrunning my camper this summer and now this.

I live on a second floor apartment and keep two trash cans out on our deck. One for trash and one for returnables. In the four years or so I've lived here, it's never been a problem until this year.

Last week I went out to put a few empties into the can and I saw a big, fat gray squirrel scurry his way across the railing of the deck away from the trashcans. I already knew what he had been doing because it has happened early this summer as well.


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That rodent chewed right through the lid of the trash can that was securely latched down! He finally managed to make a hole big enough to climb in to the bottom of the can where there was some sort of leftover food he wanted. Not only did he ruin the trashcan and the bags inside, he made a huge mess on the deck.


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That little son of a....

The last time this happened the squirrel never managed to get in, so I just swapped lids on the can, thinking it was a one time incident. That was a mistake. This time I went and bought myself an old fashioned aluminum trash can. Just try and get into this one!


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I'm not the only one that has had this happen to them either.


So my advice to you if you keep your trash cans outside and have squirrels around, invest in an aluminum trash can. I think this should do the trick unless he shows up next time with a blow torch.