If you like a little bit of spice in your meals then sriracha may be one of your go to ingredients. Sriracha is certainly something that I use with many meals to add that little bit of spicy flavor. However, while I was meal prepping this week, I realized I was out of sriracha.

No big deal I thought, I would just go to the supermarket and pick up some more. Well, that trip to the supermarket was not enough. I ended up adding Target and Walmart to my shopping stops, and sriracha was nowhere to be found.

I will say, although I did not find sriracha, I was able to find sriracha mayo. However, that is not what I needed for my meal prep. So, yes it was hard to find out in July that there has actually been a sriracha shortage happening since June.

According to CNN, the sriracha shortage was seen coming by makers Huy Fong Inc. Many events actually lead to this sriracha shortage. There was an unexpected crop failure from the spring chili harvest, and chili peppers have been in short supply since the pandemic.

CNN states that Huy Fong Inc. will not be taking any new orders placed prior to September.

So, what does this mean? It means that I will need to find some new ingredients to use in my meal prep as well as wait a few months before actually starting to see sriracha appear back in stores.

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