In the North Deering section of Portland, a strange animal is walking through the streets, praying on small animals and livestock.

According to News Center Maine, most people are questioning if this is a Fox or even a coyote or some other type of canine type creature.

"I was coming home a couple of evenings ago, and it was in my front yard," said Nina Nicolaides to the news station, who says it was a coyote that alarmed her dog. "My thought is it's (coyote) eaten very well. It is big."

Some neighbors and wildlife experts are even speculating that it may be a Coydog, which is a hybrid animal of a Coyote, and a Wild Dog, similar to a Liger, is a hybrid of a Lion and a Tiger, according to News Center Maine.

The news station reported that last week this animal was suspected of having killed as many as four chickens in the yard of the North Deering resident.

"I left my chickens, which is my fault in the yard unattended. I came back, and there were four dead, then I came into the front yard I looked down, and I did see a very large coyote crossing the road," said neighborhood resident Monique Gaudet to News Center Maine.

Wildlife biologists say that if you do come across a coyote or whatever this thing is, to stop show your size and make noise to attempt to scare it away. I'm no wildlife biologist, but I would say keep all of your small animals indoors.

What do you think this animal is?

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