It's tough to hate a feel-good story involving a pet, and this is one of the ones that tops the list.

Mainers are definitely animal lovers

According to a post from the Bangor Humane Society on Facebook, a very special reunion happened recently involving a cat that was actually adopted from BHS themselves back in 2018. The true Mainer way is to have a massive heart, and that is what one family exhibited when they came across a stray cat over a year ago.

Instead of just ignoring the stray and going about their merry way, the family actually took the cat in and gave it a home. Unfortunately, as happens at times even if you originally have the best of intentions, caring for the cat became too much for the anonymous big-hearted Mainers, who decided to bring the stray to Bangor Humane Society instead of returning it to the streets where they first came it.

Bangor Humane Society Facebook
Bangor Humane Society Facebook

The cat was microchipped and revealed a surprise

Like they always do with animals that are brought into their position, BHS ran through their standard procedure of searching the cat for a microchip, which was actually present. And in an even bigger surprise, BHS discovered that the cat had actually been adopted from their very own establishment four years ago!

After reaching out to the adopting family to gauge their interest in re-homing her, they found out that Tempe, as the cat was discovered to be named, had wandered off over a year ago, and the family hadn't stopped wondering what happened to her after their initial searches for her came up with nothing. According to BHS, the family was more than ecstatic to reunite with Tempe and bring her home.

Bangor Humane Society Facebook
Bangor Humane Society Facebook

The lesson - microchip your pets

Bangor Humane Society highlighted the point that this experience was a great reminder that microchipping your pets and making sure they're equipped with an identity tag stands as the best option for getting them returned should they run away. And also, should you come across a stray animal that looks like it could be a lost pet, always bring it to a nearby vet or shelter for scanning of a microchip that could reunite it with their family.

(It's also important to remember that if you come across a cat that looks like it couldn't careless about being reunited with its family -- odds are they just have RFE -- Resting Feline Face -- and they're ecstatic to be surrounded by their loved ones again.)

Maine Owners that Look Like Their Pets

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