All of the things we love about summer are slowly creeping back onto our schedules, despite Mother Nature's refusal to comply with warmer temperatures. Farmers' Markets are back in full swing, outdoor concerts are on the calendar, tourists are here (albeit umbrellas in hand) and finally... it's time for Sundays on the Boulevard again!

Starting this weekend, cars are banned from driving on Baxter Boulevard along Back Cove every Sunday from 9am to 4pm until the end of September. That means running, biking, picnicking, hell - dancing! - is totally allowed in the car-free road for everyone to drink in the best views in Portland. Food trucks, vendors, classes and organized groups are welcome on the Boulevard and make the experience all the more fun. The driving ban began as a formal extension of a public works project back in 2013, during which people took advantage of the unoccupied roadways and several environmental groups in Maine sought to extend the opportunity for outdoor adventures.

Check out for more information and FAQs.

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