When you think sports and concussions you instantly think football. New research shows, it's not football.


It's actually GIRLS SOCCER! What? According to the Portland Press Herald:

Twelve years of national data show concussions happen more frequently in girls’ soccer than in any other high school sport. One concussion occurred for every 6.2 girls playing high school soccer in the 2016-17 school year, according to a study conducted by Dr. Wellington Hsu, a Northwestern University professor of orthopaedic surgery. The ratio for football players was 1 concussion for every 8.8 participants; for boys’ soccer players, 1 in 17.2.



In fact, according to the article, female athletes and in particular, girls soccer players were more prone to concussions than any other sport.

There are a couple of theories as to why. First and foremost, most of the attention is on football, so preventative measures are for football players. Plus, have you ever been to a girls soccer game? It's soccer, you can hit the ball with your head and these girls go for it all the time and sometimes they bonk into an opposing players head!

What happens now? Not sure. I'm sure that girls won't be wearing helmets any time soon..but obviously this data should spark some change.


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