It's wild to think "Survivor" has been on TV screens for nearly 25 years and almost 50 seasons.

The reality game show that started in May 2000 (how old were you?!) was a ratings hit from the jump and is still drawing in millions of viewers in its newest seasons.

One of the great things about "Survivor" is the variety of people from all walks of life that compete on the show. And some of those players have even been from Maine and New Hampshire.

In fact, there have been two winners who hail from the Pine Tree State and Granite State.

Bob Crowley of Portland, Maine, was on season 17, "Survivor: Gabon," and beat out the other contestants to win.

Ethan Zohn was from New York at the time of his win on the third season, "Survivor: Africa," but he did return for the show in its big all-winners season nearly 20 years later and was living in New Hampshire then.

So, it still counts as a New Hampshire winner, right? Maybe?

As of May 2024 and the 46th season of "Survivor," there have been only 5 people with connections to Maine and 5 people with connections to New Hampshire who have played the game.

Hopefully, there will be more to come to represent the 207 and 603 on the popular show. The series is pushing past 45 and headed right to the big 5-0!

Let's take a look at the 10 people from Maine and New Hampshire who were castaways on the CBS reality TV show "Survivor."

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Have you watched the show? Are you still watching? Do you have a favorite player? Let us know!

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