Whoever invented those inflatable T-Rex costumes is a genius! Ever since they showed up a couple of years ago, we keep seeing more and more of them. Well now T-Rex costume owners are planning to suit up and get together in Monument Square for the largest gathering of T-Rexes in Maine in over 60 million years.

Valerie Sanborn of South Portland along with Alison Cyr are organizing a T-Rex gathering through a Facebook event, and have put out the call for anyone with a T-Rex costume to join them on January 20 at 3 p.m. in Monument Square in Portland.

ATTENTION ALL T-REX’S!! If you have a T-Rex costume and even if you don’t please join us for Portland’s largest herd of T-Rex’s. We will all join together as a herd and someone who is not a Trex can take a group photo of us (little arm probz). It’s a great way to network with other T-Rex and get to know one another. Life finds a way...

Hopefully the weather warms up by then or maybe the T-Rex costumes keep the heat well. Rob Steele's sure did when he wore it at last years Street Eats and Beats on a hot day.

We're pretty sure once he hears about this event, he'll be there in full costume.

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