Governor LePage

Governor LePage Wants To Ban Nips From Being Sold In Maine
By now, you've probably heard that a bill is moving towards being law in Maine that would place a deposit on mini-liquor bottles, commonly referred to as nips, similar to those on mid-sized and large-sized liquor bottles. But if that bill is passed, Governor Paui LePage has promised "t…
Possible Inspection Changes
There's a large amount of frustration that people from Maine feel on a yearly basis when it comes to registering and inspecting their vehicle. In fact, some people have gone to drastic (and illegal) measures to make it seem like their car is on the up and up in Maine when it really wasn't.…
LePage Easy Target
I don't think we've ever had a Maine Governor who has made national news more than Paul LePage. He's done it again this week on The Colbert Report.