Back in early 2018, there was news about Story Land acquiring the site where the Heritage New Hampshire had been standing vacant in Glen, NH, for years with the intention of opening up a walk-through indoor aquarium.

Named Living Shores, this aquarium will be "over 32,000 square feet of interactive tide pools, exhibits, and activities," its website states.

According to a tweet from Living Shores, construction officially began in fall of 2017, including changing the exterior from its storied look.

It wasn't until the fall of 2018 that Living Shores began offering the first glimpses inside as construction work was being done to bring the aquarium to life.

Living Shores recently put out another photo that added a bit more color to the aquarium, but the fish and water have yet to be added.

The aquarium states on its website that exhibits will include sting rays, lorikeets and chain catsharks and tropical reef and local ecosystem exhibits. And of course there will be touch pools like you can see in the photos above.

“We are thrilled to bring an all new indoor, hands-on experience to the area” said Eric Dziedzic, general manager of Story Land and Living Shores Aquarium, said in April on the aquarium website.

A grand opening date still has not been set, but hopefully, it will be sometime in 2019. So whether you want to bring the whole family or just yourself, this is going to be one new spot you'll probably want to check out once it's all complete.

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