This is a love/hate statement, but I'm just gonna say it: Spooky season is basically upon us, and Maine LOVES fall activities.

There are two kinds of people as fall creeps into New England. There are the ones that live for the horror and spooky activities, and there are the ones that keep it at pumpkin picking and hayrides.

For those of you who love a good spook, I have a great activity idea for you that takes place at the tallest lighthouse in Maine.

Turns out, it's said to be one of Maine's haunted lighthouses, too.

The Haunted Lighthouse in Maine, Boon Island Light

According to,

"When darkness falls over Boon Island, it’s said the ghostly presence of a woman in white can been seen – her mournful wails heard by fishermen out on the waves. "

So who is this woman in white, and why is she still said to be haunting this lighthouse?

Well, says it is the spirit of a woman who is the deceased wife of one of Boon Island Light's lighthouse keepers. The website stated that her husband was said to have been fatally injured when a really bad storm hit the island that they had moved to for only a few months at that point,, which notes the island's numerous horror stories, mentioned that while the widow kept the fire in the lighthouse burning after his death for almost a week, mainlanders traveled to the island and "found her deranged with grief and wandering the rocks in hysterics."

She is said to have died only a few days later, says.

Think you might see her if you went? Or hear her?

Unfortunately, you cannot go inside this lighthouse, but you can absolutely take a trip by some type of watercraft at night time to see if you can hear the haunted screams offshore.

There's even a tour from New England Eco Adventures that can that'll get you close to the lighthouse. says you can also see the lighthouse from Sohier Park in York Beach or even on a local lighthouse cruise.

Think the place is haunted? Have you heard of this woman in white?

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