I'll admit, I can often be pretty basic when it comes to my pizzas, but this looks ah-mazing.

Cushnoc Brewing Co. in Augusta just rolled out their Pride Pie creation for Pride Month with the most colorful pizza you have ever seen. Also, the most toppings.

Cushnoc Brewing Co. via Facebook

Included on the pizza are nearly all the colors of the rainbow; red pepperoni, orange bell peppers, yellow pineapple, green pickled jalapeños, and violet red onions. I know what you're thinking, "WHAT ABOUT BLUE/INDIGO?!" No worries, unless you want blueberries on your pizza (and that's more offensive than pineapple) you can pair your pizza with Sal's Lemonade which is made with Cold River Blueberry Vodka, blueberry, puree, and lemonade.

Cushnoc Brewing Co. via Facebook

Cushnoc is located in the heart of downtown Augusta and has a gorgeous view of the Kennebec River. They're known for their wood-fired pies made with fresh ingredients and of course, their beer.

So next time you're in Augusta be sure to stop by for a bit of Pride (Pie), a glass of beer, and good times on the Kennebec.

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