There's no mistaking that Bissell Brothers remains one of the most popular craft breweries in all of Maine. Their move from Industrial Way to Thompson's Point paved the way for them to brew more beer and create a destination taproom for locals and tourists alike. More than two years ago, Bissell Brothers took advantage of a vacancy at Thompson's Point to try their hand at food service, along with their taproom. It's been a smashing success. And now, Bissell Brothers is ready to snap up another vacancy at Thompson's Point and expand further.

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According to Portland Food Map, Bissell Brothers will be taking over the vacant space left behind by Rosemont Market. The additional space will allow Bissell Brothers to become a full-blown brewpub, with additional menu options as well as a full bar. Bissell plans to use some of the space to start a bakery program for breads that will be featured on their menu. Construction on the new space is already underway.

Bissell Brothers sees a ton of visitors each year at their Portland location thanks to their own popularity, as well as a series of events that are held at Thompson's Point. Several years ago, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson famously sent his assistant on a private jet to pick up cans of "The Substance", Bissell's signature beer.


As for Rosemont, it just didn't work out at Thompson's Point. In their goodbye note, they made the decision to focus their attention and resources on the several other Rosemont locations that still exist.


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